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Continuous casting VOD(vacuum oxygen decarburization) refined air melt alloys for the investment casting industry.
We can offer great quality Ni, Co, NiCu, Stainless base alloys.
Remelt Sources serves customers all around the world based on over 30years of experience.。

Ni, Co, Stainless base air melted alloys

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We are the sole distributor for ASK zirconia filters for the Japanese investment casting industry

Zirconia and Alumina filters

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Over 50 years of experience in several areas, offering products according to the customer’s needs.
Products are pouring cups, mold support rod, vent plug and other heat resistant ceramic materials.

Pouring Cup, Vent Plug, Mold Support Rod, and other ceramic materials

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Offers crucibles which gives the necessary flexibility to productions.
Excellent for sudden change on melting materials and quantities.
Apart from one shot liners, we also offer hot top and other ceramic materials.

One Shot Liner, Hot Top and other ceramic materials

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Application for parts which requires smooth surface.
Mason’s cobalt aluminate materials are used all around the world by the top aerospace engine casters.

Cobalt Aluminate Powder

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One of the top powder metal supplier in the world.
Can offer the product according to the customer’s request.
Main application are MIM (metal injection molding), thermal spray, 3D Printing and others.

Powder metal (Ni, Co, Stainless base and others)

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